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Sports betting in Mississippi?

JACKSON, Miss. – The Executive Director of the Mississippi Gaming Commission is lobbying for sports betting to be legalized in the Magnolia State.

For that to happen, the state would have to get the blessing of the federal government, which as of 2016, forbids sports betting. The practice is legal in Las Vegas, but only because it was grandfathered in, according to Executive Director Allen Godfrey.
Godfrey says sports betting should be a decision made on a state-by-state bases.

“I hope they allow each state to determine that, because I think it would be a very positive thing for Mississippi,” he said, while continuing to praise the economic befits it could bring.

“It’s a influx of people, that foot traffic, that puts people in the casinos, eating food, sleeping in their beds, going to the entertainment during the mid week, when you have so many sporting events going on,” Godfrey said.

Mississippi’s gambling revenue is down across the board when compared to last year. According to the state Revenue Department, there was a four percent drop in gambling revenue when compered to November of 2015. Revenue went from $161 million to $155 million.

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