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Spring pollen counts to rise in Mississippi

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Your allergies may start acting up sooner than you think.

The Mississippi Asthma and Allergy Clinic is warning patients that spring pollen counts are on the rise earlier than usual this year.

While Mississippi typically receives medium to medium-high pollen counts, the clinic stated that the “unseasonably warm weather we’ve experienced lately” has caused those with pollen allergies to experience an unusually high level of exposure.

“Spring pollen is here, weeks earlier than usual,” Dr. Winn Walcott said. “Patients should avoid early morning increased pollen with outdoor activity in the afternoons instead of the mornings.”

If you know that you have spring allergies, the clinic says that checking the weather each day is an important habit to implement.

“Airborne pollen can be avoided on rainy, overcast days or days with little to no wind. It is also recommended to begin taking prescribed allergy medication once common symptoms occur, such as sneezing, congestion, itchy eyes, ears, nose or mouth.”

“Regular use of prescribed medications for hay fever symptoms are indicated if symptoms are present,” Walcott said. “Use of intranasal steroids daily now, even if not having nasal or eye symptoms yet, can help combat the increase in allergy symptoms sure to come.”

Spring pollen is inevitable, but with some preparation, allergy symptoms can be maintained. If you are experiencing allergy symptoms or you are unsure if your symptoms are pollen related, talk to your allergist.

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