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Spring is Here, But You’re Not in the Clear, When it Will Get Cold Again

JACKSON, Miss.–The first day of spring-birds chirping, the smell of freshly cut grass. But hold the phone, it’s going to get cold again. Not winter cold, but cold enough if you don’t like 50s for highs.

That’s happening Monday, said National Weather Service Meteorologist Mark McAllister.

“Yeah, we’ll have a cold front coming through the area. Probably temperatures are gonna dip down into the 50s,” he said.

He said lows Monday night will get into the mid to upper 30s. Tuesday will be another day in the 50s. But, Tuesday night might bring back bad memories of the winter that wouldn’t go away.

“As that cool air settles into the area, as we go into Tuesday night, some areas will get around freezing. We’ll get some lower 30s in the northern areas.”

The consolation is that it will warm up by Thursday.

“It’s not gonna last long,” said McAllister. “We’re just getting those little quick, wet shots of cold air.”

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