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Squirrel Season, Bow Hunting Open This Week, Get Your Deer Plots Ready

JACKSON, Miss.–Squirrel season and bow hunting both open this week in Mississippi. The Dept. of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks also says it’s time to get your food plots ready. Youth squirrel season opened last week, and there are some major changes in the way you can hunt squirrel.

“This year we don’t have squirrel zones any more,” said Chad Dacus, with Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. “We’ve had squirrel zones for a number of years. This year the legislature got rid of those for us. We have one squirrel season that’ll open up Oct. 1, state-wide.”

Youth squirrel season opened on the 24th.

“I tell people all the time, it’s a great time to be scouting for deer season. Take the kids out, let them walk through the woods, show them what deer tracks look like.”

Deer season, with guns, is still a ways away, but you can bow hunt, starting Oct. 1 in the Hill Zone and the Delta Zone, and Oct. 15, in the Southeast Zone.

As far as getting your food plots ready, it’s not too late, and Dacus said that waiting until this week may have even been a good idea.

“If they haven’t planted, they’ve done it right because we haven’t had a lot of rain over the last couple of weeks. I would rather plant my food plots in the first week of October. Typically you’ve missed all the army worms, we’re gonna get more rains.”

He said now is a good time to bush hog and spray.

“Then start discing as time allows, then when you know you’re gonna get some rains, then put your seed and your fertilizer out.”

LINK: Mississippi Hunting Seasons:

Saturday was the 42nd National Hunting and Fishing Day.

“As a 2nd Amendment advocate, hunting and fishing have always been a part of my life, even as a young child growing up in the Mississippi Delta,” said Gov. Phil Bryant. “Deborah and I enjoy spending time outdoors in Mississippi whenever possible.  Whether it’s fishing on the Gulf Coast, hunting big deer in the Mississippi Delta or chasing turkeys in north Mississippi, I cherish my time with friends and family.  I encourage everyone to take a child hunting or fishing this weekend.”

In 2010, the last time an economic impact study was conducted on hunting and fishing in Mississippi, it showed collectively they have over a $2.7 billion economic impact annually in the state.  In fiscal year 2013 there were over 116,000 resident sportsmen license sold by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.

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