Mississippi Gator Hunting

Bryan Burnside(Mississippi Alligator Hunter) takes off 10 days each year to practice procuring these prehistoric predator, and he stopped by the studio to discuss how he and his team hunted down a record-setting gator this season. If you missed his conversation with JT, you can find it here –

From Hunting Regulations to the Neshoba County Fair

Chairman Scott Bounds joined the conversation with JT by phone to discuss a variety of topics ranging from what you can expect from this year’s Neshoba County Fair and what kind of new regulations have been put in place for hunting season coming up in the fall. If you missed Chairman Bounds catching up with … Continue reading “From Hunting Regulations to the Neshoba County Fair”

Dr. Andrea Mayfield on @TheJTShow

Dr. Andrea Mayfield(Executive Director of the Mississippi Community College Board) joined the conversation on the JT Show discussing the amazing possibilities that are available to students across the Magnolia State. She also touched on our transportation needs in Mississippi, but you can tell Dr. Mayfield gets excited about hunting when she describes her passion for … Continue reading “Dr. Andrea Mayfield on @TheJTShow”