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State lottery, good or bad?

JACKSON, Miss.- With concerns rising amongst Transportation Commissioners, and the state as a whole over highway and bridge conditions, more money is needed for improvements. 

Currently, funds used for these developments come from gas taxes primarily, but many have argued that those taxes are not high enough to really help increase revenue. They have not been risen in nearly 30 years.

So some are suggesting a state lottery system. However, Speaker Pro Tem. Greg Snowden isn’t so sure.

“There are adverse social consequences from doing a lottery. You’re going to encourage some people to participate that aren’t now doing so. The question I ask is what benefit we are going to derive from it and does it over balance what we know are going to be some consequences,” said Snowden.

Snowden says it may even be too late for Mississippi to get in on a lottery. He is skeptical that the state would be able to generate a power ball amount large enough to encourage the type of consumerism that would be needed to impact revenue.

“I personally think that we may have missed the window of opportunity if we wanted it, we would have to join some type of multi state lottery…we aren’t going to have a jackpot large enough to attract people.”

While Snowden does not seem in favor of the lottery idea he says he is willing to hear out arguments for it and discuss it will other lawmakers.

Regardless, many do not see a rise or addition to gas taxes as the end solution for the ever rowing revenue problem the state faces.

For more information on the status of highway and bridge funding in the state visit:


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