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Steering Money to Transportation Needs

JACKSON, Miss. — You may notice that the pot holes on the streets you drive have been getting worse.

The winter was tough on highway maintenance, according to U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, who was at Tougaloo College in Jackson Thursday as part of a five day- eight state bus tour to discuss roads and bridges.

Getting those roads fixed could be a challenge.  The Highway Trust Fund is set to run out of money before the federal budget year ends September 30. But Foxx said he and President Obama have a plan to keep federal transportation dollars rolling.  “It’s a $302 million package that would …get the highway trust back into a solvent position but even put $90 billion more in the investment.”

The Highway Trust Fund is largely fueled by a federal gas tax, but Foxx said the plan he and the President are proposing does not include a gas tax increase.

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