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Student Praying on Football Field

RICHTON, Miss.- This day in age prayer is not usually an acceptable thing at a school function, however that didn’t matter to one Richton student.

It happened on the football field after a player was injured. Daylen Jones, took a knee, lifted his hands to the sky and began praying for his teammate. Bystander Cathy Smith snapped a photo of the event and then preceded to post in on Facebook to share with others how proud she felt of this young man and his action.

WLOX reports that post went viral and has already had over 5,000 shares on social media. Jones is a sophomore running back for the team.

This is what the post said,

“Richton High School is a small school in MS. Total K-12, we have perhaps 450 students, and everyone knows everyone…well. I snapped this picture of Daylen Jones, not just “taking a knee” for his injured teammate, but praying. In this time where organized prayer is challenged in courts, and schools in fear of lawsuits, cower against atheist demands, it is comforting to know, these kids, who have been brought up right, don’t have to be “lead” in prayer.”

It was reported that the player who collapsed on the field is doing just fine.

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