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Super lice found in schools this year

JACKSON, Miss.- Doctors are warning against a “superlice” bug that is holding up against over the counter treatments. 

The pesky bugs have been found among school children for years, and now officials are saying the necessary treatment could be a little more serious.

Reports show that the over-the-counter products aren’t as effective as they were in the past. However, there are still prescriptions that do the trick, but they can be a little pricey. Especially if you’re paying for them without insurance.

Lice is most often found on kids because they usually have finer, thinner hair and that allows the lice to grab onto them more easily.

The idea that unclean kids and those from lower income households are more prone to lice than others has been proven to be false. Anyone can attract the pesky creatures.

For other unexplained reasons, researcher Dr. Bernard Cohen, a professor of dermatology and pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, found that lice rarely attack the hair of black children in North America.

The report does warn of a prescription product called lindane, as it can have dangerous side effects for children.

There is no solid evidence to support home remedies as a solution to lice. Olive oil, mayonnaise, and petroleum jelly have often been referred to to get rid of the bugs if you don’t want to get the store bought drugs, but researchers say there is no data to prove that to be true.

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