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Tax deadline extended to April 18th

WASHINGTON, D.C.- While you might be accustomed to getting your taxes filed by April 15th, this year you’ll have a few extra days. 

This year the day falls on a Friday so lawmakers moved it to the 18th since Washington, D.C. will also be celebrating their district holiday of Emancipation Day. The holiday remembers when Abraham Lincoln signed an act on April 16th that paid slave owners to set their slaves free.

Other states such as Maine and Massachusetts will have until April 19th to get their returns in. Those states are celebrating Patriots Day in remembrance of a Revolutionary War battle fought.

Federal income tax came about in 1862 to support the Union’s War effort, it went away in 1872 and came back in 1894. It has lasted ever since.

For more information on filing your taxes visit or you can call 800-906-9887.

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