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Teacher Appreciation Week: Teachers share fond memories

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May 8-12 is National Teacher Appreciation Week. News Mississippi wanted to find out from teachers what their fondest memories are, and the favorite things they’ve received from students.

Former music teacher Caitlin Langham said the most memorable gifts were ones that students put their time and effort into.

“Something about knowing that the child took the time to make it for me made me feel so loved,” said Langham. “I always seemed to get a precious card on days when I was worn out and it would be something like “you’re so beautiful. And I like your hair. And you’re the best teacher in the whole world.” So sweet!”


Mary Warren, an instructor at Copiah-Lincoln Community College told News Mississippi that student success was the greatest gift, especially when they returned to Co-Lin to speak to classes.

English teacher Shannon James-Griffin agreed, saying that updates from former students were the most heartwarming.

” I personally haven’t gotten many gifts, but I’ve received letters. Those are very special. I even received one from a student who was in college a couple of years. That was especially nice,” said Griffin.

For some teachers like Michelle Holder, it was the usefulness of the gift coupled with the student’s thought that made the gifts so special.

“The most useful gifts to me were gift cards to go eat..” said Holder. “You don’t make much as a teacher, and (t0) be able to go out to eat and not have to pay was a nice treat.”

Katie Willis of Hattiesburg wasn’t a teacher, but her father was, and she remembers one of his most prized gifts he received from a student– and it helped him continue to give to students throughout his career.

“One of the coolest gifts my dad ever got was a section of plywood with nails driven into it at regular intervals. You strung rubber bands across it and could demonstrate all kinds of geometric curves, sine waves,” said Willis. “The kid made it in shop class.”

News Mississippi wants to hear from you this week. Who was your favorite teacher? What made them so special? Let us know on

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