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Telemarketers beware, Mississippians could soon sue

Photo courtesy Telesouth Communications
Photo courtesy Telesouth Communications

Telemarketers are nothing new to Mississippians and if you’re not a fan of them you can always sign up for the Do Not Call list. But what happens when Telemarketers don’t follow the rules? 

If you’re listed The Northern District Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley said the is ready for Telemarketers to either start playing by the rules or suffer the consequences.

Presley said he has drafted a proposal he is hopeful will be considered in the 2018 Legislative session, to give Mississippians the right to sue these companies for invading their privacy.

“The no call list does protect Mississippians from calls, but it protects them from calls from companies who are legitimate companies and want to play by the rules and who want to obey the law. We have 140 companies who are registered with the commission and do not place calls to those who are on the do not call list,” said Presley. “The issue we have now is the vast majority of these calls are coming from foreign countries. They are using a technology called spoofing, making it look like a local number is calling you.”

Presley said under federal law Mississippians have the right to press charges against these telemarketers, however Mississippi law prevents that from happening. Under the current law only the PSC has the authority to fine those telemarketers who violate the no-call list. The federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act gives people the right to sue for monetary damages, up to $500 per violation.

If you want to register your phone number with the do not call list visit here:

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