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Texting and Driving Will Likely Be Illegal Starting This Year

JACKSON, Miss.–Texting and driving will very likely be illegal starting this year after the Mississippi Senate passed a bill yesterday already passed by the House. The bill now goes to Gov. Bryant for him to sign and make law.

The bill would give you a $25 fine if you’re caught. For the second offense, it goes up to $100.

Senators who voted against the bill say there will likely be problems enforcing the law. One problem brought up earlier in the legislative session is how a police officer would determine whether or not you are texting to pull you over.

“It’s very important that we keep our highways as safe as possible,” said Sen. Willie Simmons (D). “We don’t want government to interfere more than it has to, but when we look at the accidents, it’s time for us to do something.”

Simmons said it’s not just you, you have to watch out for, but the driver approaching you.

Gov. Bryant has said he plans to sign the bill.

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