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The Iran Nuclear Deal: President May Have Enough Votes, Wicker Says It’s BAd for America

WASHINGTON, D.C.–A deal with Iran that would keep them from making a nuclear bomb is what Pres. Obama has been working on for the past few months and now he may have secured enough votes to get the approval of Congress. Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) believes that the deal is bad for America.

Wicker shared his thoughts in August on the Gallo Radio Show.

“We don’t want Iran to have a nuclear bomb, but also is it a good idea to give them all these ballistic missiles? If this agreement goes through we will release the sanctions we’ve had on these ballistic missiles,” said Wicker.

“If Iran decides to break the agreement, it will regret breaking any promise it has made,” said Sec. of State John Kerry in a speech this week. The administration claims the agreement is binding and not based on a promise.

Wicker said that some members of Congress were briefed in a classified setting, where info shared there made the agreement seem even more like a worse deal for the U.S.

“The alternative that we’re being told about from the White House is, either this agreement or all out war with Iran and that’s a ridiculous thing to say,” said Wicker. “It’s not that sort of a bilateral choice.”

Most Republicans in Congress believe the deal is not strong enough to prevent Iran from developing or procuring nuclear weapons and that it provides for the hostile country to be able to self-inspect.

Kerry said that to oppose the agreement is to take America backward and would allow Iran to further develop nuclear programs.

Republicans have contended that continuing sanctions is a better option.

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