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The Trade Bills in DC: House Votes to Extend Deadline, Palazzo Counters Arguments

WASHINGTON, D.C.–A portion of the trade bill in Congress may have another chance as the U.S. House voted Tuesday to extend the deadline to pass the “fast track” part of the TPA and TPP, to the end of July. Mississippi’s Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-4th Dist.) says the trade bills would help Mississippi.

“They’re saying this is a secret document, hidden under the White House, and that’s not true,” said Palazzo on the Gallo Show. He said members of Congress can read it.

The House may vote to pass the “TPA” portion on its own. Republicans may have the votes.

“The TPA is the Trade Promotion Authority. What the TPA does is basically allows Congress to have input on any negotiations that this president is going to enter in. So, instead of allowing Pres. Obama to negotiate in secret, with no input from Congress, we are creating this Trade Promotion Authority to set up this significant amount of guidelines.”

Palazzo said there are over 120 guidelines.

Some have expressed the opposite view, believing the trade bills give the president more authority to negotiate without oversight.

“I can’t control what people print or choose to read and believe that’s written on the internet. I do know that fear mongering doesn’t do anybody any good. It’s irresponsible.”

Palazzo said that several organizations in his district support TPA, such as the Area Development Partnership, the Gulf Coast Business Council, the Gulfport-Biloxi Airport, the Port of Pascagoula and the shipbuilders.

“They know that it’s gonna lead to increases in Mississippi manufacturing, that means we’re gonna have an increase in jobs. We have three ports in south Mississippi. I’m sick and tired of seeing ships come in full of stuff, but leaving empty.”

Palazzo said you can read the TPP online. He said progressive liberals are driving fear of the bills.

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