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Tishomingo County set for Alcohol Vote

TISHOMINGO COUNTY, Miss.–Residents of Tishomingo County will head to the polls Tuesday for more than one reason.

Municipal elections will be going on statewide Tuesday, but Tishomingo County will also be having two more votes on liquor and/or beer sales.

Charles “Tubby” Aldridge, the man who singlehandedly put together the need 2,500+ signatures to garner a vote, told News Mississippi Monday that he believes the votes will pass to legalize both beverages.

“I believe it’s going to go good,” said Aldridge.

He pointed to the negative things that have been put in the paper by people strongly against the legalization of alcohol and said, “I hope they’re not dumb enough to believe what he [Sheriff Whitlock] has said.”

Aldridge told News Mississippi that this is to help the economic health of the county moving forward over the next several decades for younger people and lamented that there aren’t any jobs in the area.

“I just hope the people of Tishomingo County wake up and see that we desperately need this bad,” he stated.

The two votes tomorrow on alcohol will be a majority, swaying one way or the other.  Everyone registered in the county is eligible to vote.

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