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Treasurer Lynn Fitch hopes to reduce gender wage gap in Mississippi

During last years legislative session, seven bills were shot down that aimed to reduce the gender wage gap in Mississippi, leaving just Mississippi and Alabama as the only two states without legislation aiming to reduce the gap.

As the 2018 session approaches, State Treasurer Lynn Fitch hopes that a renewed effort in crafting such legislation will show Mississippi women, who make up  48% of the workforce that they are valued.

“This is not a partisan issue, this is about doing the right thing, and we need to signify to women that you are valued in the workplace; you deserve equal pay and its important that we begin to change part of the image of Mississippi towards women, and this is a great step forward.”

Treasurer Fitch stated that Mississippi’s gender wage gap currently sits at 27%, one of the highest in the country. She went on to say that the impact of reducing the wage gap could be a jolt for the Mississippi economy.

Women make up 60% of college graduates across the state, and Treasurer Fitch noted that the ability to create an even pay scale for females would go a long way in helping some of those graduates to put their education to use in Mississippi.

As one of the few female elected officials in the state government, Treasurer Fitch wants to do her part in promoting gender wage equality and calls upon both genders to see the potential gain from passing this type of legislation.

“I understand what its like and I truly want to empower and uplift women. I think this is a platform that’s good not only for the women in Mississippi but the men as well and our children,” Treasurer Fitch said.

Mississippi’s legislative session begins in January 2018.



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