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Trump stumps in Mississippi, talks immigration, job creation, security

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JACKSON, MISS– Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump rallied thousands at the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson Wednesday night. 

This marked the third trip for Trump to the Magnolia state. He visited Madison Central High School in March, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum in Biloxi in January.

The Coliseum in downtown Jackson filled with Trump supporters all afternoon, with doors opening at 4 pm. The Donald was scheduled to take the stage at 7:00 pm.

From signs, to hats, and shirts, the crowd grew larger and the impassioned response from these individuals was infectious as the hour approached when Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was soon to speak to the crowd of thousands.

Before the main event Trump was introduced by Pastor Mark Burns who enthusiastically encouraged the crowd to vote trump on November 8th. As the crowed cheered USA Burns reminded the blended gathering that regardless of color, nationality, or gender we are all Americans.

“Can’t you wait for the day that we can eliminate the words that describe us and just be proud to be an American?” said Burns. “Hillary Clinton will not be elected, not on my watch.” His bold statements encouraged the crowd to continue their chants:“Not on my watch.”

Mississippians then welcomed their own governor, Phil Bryant  to the stage for a proper welcome of Donald Trump to Jackson Mississippi, one more time.

Trumped jumped into immigration

“My focus will always be the wellbeing of millions of Americans who call this country home and love this country,” said Trump. “We will be fighting for your jobs, and fighting for your families.”


He continued to condemn the Obama administration and made the statement that four years of Hilary Clinton, his democratic opponent, would be another four years of Obama.

The business mogul captured the crowd by describing what he says will be his immigration policy.

“Immigration policy will have to meet three criteria,” said Trump. “It has to improve jobs and wages for citizens… it has to improve security.. and it has to improve quality of life.”

Trump accredited an uptick in violent crime to the illegal immigrant population, and said the Left has overlooked the obvious problems at hand.

“Our government leaders and the media have lost touch,” said Trump as he noted a lack of coverage of crimes committed by illegal immigrants. “They ignore that and push for amnesty.”

Trump promised his supporters that in exchange for their vote he would give them a change with more jobs for U.S. citizens and job security within the United States.

Crowd reactions were strongest when the Republican presidential candidate said that repealing Obamacare and improving the workforce were his top priorities.

“I will create millions of jobs for our people,” said Trump. “I’ll be the best jobs president God ever created.”

In his charge for change, Trump began to compare the state of America to a recent political situation the UK–Brexit, the recent separation of Britain from the European Union.

Former leader of the UK Independence and leader in the Brexit movement Nigel Farage urged Mississippi voters to push for change.


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