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Tuesday weather rundown: 7-11-17

North Mississippi seeing a Tuesday that looks much like your Monday: a few banks of fog to start off with, but growing steadily more hot: temperatures topping out in the mid 90s today. Thankfully, your humidity will remain relatively low and a thin breeze will help carry you through the day. Tonight feeling a little on the warm, muggy side, however: reaching the lower 70s. Tomorrow pack the umbrella: you’re looking at an 80% coverage of thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon.

Throughout the central parts of the state, a few scattered showers marked your overnight hours, and a few more will carry throughout this afternoon. You’ve got a 50/50 chance of getting wet, so if you like those odds, keep the rain gear at home. Otherwise grab it on your way out. Today’s highs sweating into the lower 90s. Tomorrow almost a carbon-copy: highs near 90 with a 50 percent chance for scattered rain.

South Mississippi seeing some lower mercury, but higher humidity…not much of a trade: highs in the upper 80s today and tomorrow with a slim chance for rain.

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