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UMMC Recognizes Families of People that Donated their Bodies for Research

JACKSON, Miss.- Today was a day of recognition for the families of those that donated their bodies to give other people life and for research so our future doctors can learn, succeed and save others. 

The University of Mississippi Medical Center held a ceremony Wednesday to honor and show their appreciation for all of the families of the people that donated their bodies to help medical students learn from something a text book can not show them.

A current UMMC student said, “The donation of a human body for the betterment of life has a very personal ring for me. Five years ago my father was diagnosed with an in-stage liver disease and was given 18 months to live unless he received a liver transplant. Thanks to a compassionate person who chose to be an organ donor he is alive today and a vital part of my family.”

Students that spoke at the ceremony said the bodies that have been donated are used to save others lives and show future doctors and medical experts how to perform surgeries to help and save others lives. Each body donated is more than just a body to these students; they are a teacher and a person that will continue to live on through them and through others.

You can listen to the entire ceremony here:


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