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VIDEO: Big Names Trials in Mississippi; Cochran Photo Scandal, Former MDOC Chris Epps Not Seeing Sentence This Week

Daily Digital June 8th 

For the Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter and today is June 8th.

A family argument in Leake County turned deadly Saturday. 3 people shot.. Tonya Barton died at the scene, Luke Barton, her estranged husband, is in ICU and Donald Johnson is in stable condition.
Leake County Sheriff Greg Waggoner says that right now they’re still interviewing witnesses, but as far as what happened is concerned, Luke Barton fired some of the shots, but maybe not all of them. Waggoner says there could be more information as early as this afternoon.
Clayton Kelly, the blogger that police say snuck into the late Rose Cochran’s nursing home room to snap pictures, is starting the trial process today. Opening arguments are underway. Kelly’s lawyer tried to have the case thrown out on grounds that Kelly is a blogger and therefore had protected rights, but the judge didn’t buy it. Iris Barnes will be following that trial, you can follow her on Twitter @newsmsiris.
Another big court date has been delayed indefinitely. Former Mississippi department of Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps was set to go before the judge for sentencing Tuesday, but judge Wingate’s office says his name has been taken off the schedule. Epps plead guilty to bribery and kickbacks with Rankin County businessman Cecil McCrory, and gave up cars, a condo, and cash. The judge’s office didn’t say when the sentencing could be reschedule.
And summer temps are here, many folks getting a taste of the heat today with the heat index reaching triple digits in North Mississippi. How you could keep your house cool and your light bill low at


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