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Warmer Days Ahead

JACKSON, Miss. — Winter weather continues through Wednesday, but you can expect to feel a big difference by Thursday.

“Statewide, temps are gonna get either close to 50 or in the 50s,” said National Weather Service Meteorologist Chad Entromont.  “But, that’s not the best warm up,” he quickly added.  “Once we get to Friday, it looks like a good portion of the state is gonna see some sort of 60s.”

The warming trend is expected to continue with Friday being almost a carbon copy of Thursday, with daytime highs again in the 60s.  “And even warmer once we get into Sunday, where it looks like mid to upper 60s,” Entromont said.

The warmer temps are considered normal for Mississippi this time of year.  But Entromout pointed out that there is no guarantee the warmer weather will continue through the end of the winter months. “Typically, as you go through February into March, you are always gonna see up and down temps, it’s a roller coaster.”

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