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“Women have to Pay the Same as Men”, Childers says, “So Pay Women Same as Men”

JACKSON, Miss. – If elected to the U.S. Senate, Democrat Travis Childers, said Monday he would focus on closing the wage gap between men in women.

“In our state, for every one dollar most men are paid for doing the same job, women are paid about 76 cents.” Childers said at a press conferences to discuss his position on women receiving equal pay for equal work.

“In the Senate, I’ll work to put his shameful disparity behind us.  When a man and a woman do the same job, they should be paid the same wage.”

Childers said ensuring women receive equal pay is not a women’s issue, but a family issue.  Without fair wages, he said Mississippi families are hurting.  “There is no discount button at the grocery story, or the gas station. Women have to pay the same as men.”

But Childers said his opponent, Thad Cochran has voted against equal pay for women twice this year. 

“Cochran’s votes against (The Paycheck Fairness Act) are another example of why the people of Mississippi deserve a debate,” he said. 

News Mississippi contacted Cochran’s campaign office, but as of Monday afternoon, had not received a response. 

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