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You May Have to Show an ID to Buy Nail Polish Removal



JACKSON, Miss. — Alright ladies, you may not be able to get finger nail polish removal at the CVS drug store without an ID anymore.

The company is already asking shoppers for ID in states where you have to be at least 18 to buy products that contain acetone.  CVS plans to roll the new policy out across the country soon to help keep cut back on people buying the nail polish removal to make meth.


“It just sounds a little ridiculous.  Why would you punish people who just want to take off nail polish,” said Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Director Marshall Fisher.  “ I don’t know what they think they will accomplish with this.”


That’s because he says you can’t make meth unless you have pseudoephedrine.  The acetone from the nail polish removal is just used as a solvent.  “It only separates the pseudoephedrine from the binders – the rest of the ingredients that hold the medicine together,” Fisher explained.


Those who want to make meth will just go somewhere else and find the nail polish removal or some other solvent according to Fisher.   If CVS wants to help reduce meth production, he says the company should ask Congress to pass a nation law requiring everybody have a doctor’s prescription to buy medicine that contains pseudoephedrine.



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