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You’re Hearing About More Meth Arrests in Mississippi

ALCORN COUNTY, Miss.–Crystal meth: it was nearly gone, or at least the people who had it were able to fly under the radar better for the last couple of years. In just the past week, there have been several arrests in north Mississippi of people in possession of the drug. The latest two were in Alcorn County.

Robert Morrison, 40, was charged Thursday with selling meth, and Angela Jourdan, 40, was charged with felony possession.

The arrests by the Alcorn County Narcotics Unit come the same week that three people from Georgia were arrested at a Tupelo motel, apparently dealing their meth in Mississippi, according to Tupelo police.

Also arrested this week was a man from Vernon, Ala. Donald Humbers, 45, was picked up and charged with meth possession by the Monroe County Narcotics Unit after a Mississippi traffic stop.

Before 2011 meth arrests were more common in Mississippi, but after a law was passed that made one of the main precursors, pseudoephedrine, a prescription-only drug in the state, meth arrests tanked.

It should be noted that these arrests were primarily of people from other states where the drug may be easier to come by.

The Alcorn County arrests were near the Tennessee border.

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