Have You Ever Been to a BBQ and Bait Shop?

Clay Coleman(Clay’s House of Pig – Tupelo, MS) joined the conversation by phone to talk about how a little stubbornness and a lot of faith helped him get his BBQ business off the ground when the market changed on him with his Bait Shop. Now, a few years later, Clay’s BBQ has won Best BBQ … Continue reading “Have You Ever Been to a BBQ and Bait Shop?”

Elvis Would’ve Been 84 Today | @TheJTShow

On this day in 1935, Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo in a little shotgun shack(named as such because you could fire a shotgun through the front door and not hit a thing before the shot went out the backdoor), but he would go on to influence music like few before him and even … Continue reading “Elvis Would’ve Been 84 Today | @TheJTShow”

Buffalo in Mississippi

Lions and Tigers and Bears- Oh My! Is usually what you think about when you want to visit a zoo. When you visit the Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo, add to the list Buffalo, Bison and Yak. The Tupelo Buffalo Park & Zoo is home to over 260 animals. Take a guided tour where you … Continue reading “Buffalo in Mississippi”

Hurricane Harvey: How Mississippi Can Help

Hearts are hurting for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Mississippians want to help. But what’s the best way to serve? While there are many ways to get involved with the relief efforts of disasters, one Mississippi non-profit is seasoned at mobilizing thousands of volunteers with the right equipment to help those in need. 8 … Continue reading “Hurricane Harvey: How Mississippi Can Help”