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AMR’s tips for an emergency-free 2019

Photo courtesy of AMR

2019 is here, and if you haven’t come up with a New Year’s resolution, American Medical Response has got you covered. 

The organization has come up with a list of resolutions to help you start the new year off right and have an emergency-free 2019. Some are more common, while others are a bit outside the box, but all will help you in the upcoming year. 

AMR’s list can be seen below:

  • I’ll protect myself from a heart attack and diabetes not only by exercising regularly but also by cutting my sugar, fat and salt intake and working to maintain recommended weight.
  • I resolve to wear my safety belt on every trip, no matter how short or long. My car will not move until everyone in it is buckled up.
  • I resolve to be a safe driver by observing the speed limit, obeying other traffic laws and staying off the phone while behind the wheel.  I’ll make sure my brakes, windshield wipers, lights and other safety equipment stay in good condition. I will never drink and drive. 
  • I resolve to take a CPR course or recertify.  I’ll encourage my family and friends to do so, too.
  • I will make sure my mailbox address or house number is easy to read from the road both day and night.  (Even with GPS, rescuers can’t help you until they reach you.) 
  • I’ll keep my family safe from major injury by locking poisonous substances and guns in cabinets and making our home more secure from falls (such as by installing night lights).
  • I’ll prevent and prepare for a house fire by (a) checking our smoke detector once a month, (b) ensuring we have fire extinguishers handy and (c) developing and practicing a family fire escape plan.  If our home doesn’t already have a carbon monoxide detector, I’ll install one.  
  • I resolve that every family member will learn to swim well.
  • I’ll teach our children how to call 911 properly.  (See YouTube for lots of tutorials.)  
  • I’ll work to keep a positive outlook, strengthen my relationships with others and do more to manage my stress, because happier people have longer, heartier lives.                                                                 

Serving 20 counties, AMR companies in Mississippi are the state’s busiest ambulance services.  The Mississippi Department of Health has reported the AMR family of companies transported more than 40 percent of ambulance patients in some recent years. 

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