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How to Avoid Common Computer Hardware Problems

RIDGELAND, Miss. – It is the year 2014, and despite what people in other states may think. Most people have computers in Mississippi. 

Jacob Hunter is a technician with Ridgeland Computer Repair and says heat is the number one cause of computer hardware problems. “A lot of times they don’t get cleaned out. The dust buildup clogs the fans up. All the extra heat will slow the computer down, it will just destroy the parts.” Heat can also cause damage to your computer even if it is turned off, so you should avoid leaving your computer in the car too.

Hunter says a common hardware problems he has serviced recently are problems computer’s network cards. The cards were fried due to lighting from recent storms. Often people will plug their computers into a surge protector but will not plug their router or modem into one. He says when the modem or router is surged, it will travel through the either net cable and hit the network card.

Beyond weather, Hunter says the most typical hardware problems are networking problems, when people are trying set up WiFi in their home. He says those problems are typically situational.

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