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How to Avoid Common Computer Software Problems

Ridgeland, Miss. – Unlike computer hardware problems, protecting your software can be a little more difficult, since software problems are constantly changing. You can eliminate the risk of damaging your hardware by making sure it is dust free, cool, and plugged into a surge protector. With software, as long as you are connected to the internet, the easiest way to protect your computer is to have anti-virus software.

Jacob Hunter is a technician with Ridgeland Computer Repair and says he usually sets anti-virus software to scan computers nightly when he is asleep and is not using it. He also says it is important to make sure your anti-virus software is up to date so it can detect the newest computer viruses.

Some free anti-virus software Hunter recommends:


Avast –

But, if you would like to pay for an antivirus software he says they recommend F-Secure at the shop. –

As for malware, which is usually responsible for popups, he recommends staying away from fishy websites, but anti-virus software will usually take care of the problem. Anti-virus software will also detect spyware which can cause the personal information on your computer to be compromised.

For tips on protecting your hardware: /avoid-common-computer-hardware-problems/

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