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Candidates to face off in third Congressional GOP primary debate

Two Mississippi Museums

Candidates vying for the seat of Mississippi’s Third Congressional District will face off in a debate Wednesday night at 6:00 p.m.

The debate will be held at Two Mississippi Museums and Russ Latino with Americans for Prosperity said that all six candidates running in the Republican primary will take part in the debate.

Participants will field questions on jobs and the economy, health care, taxes, and spending. Supertalk Mississippi will be broadcasting a debate between the GOP candidates from 6:00-8:00 p.m. The debate will be broadcast on WFMN, WFMM, WMPK, WZKR and on the Supertalk Mississippi stream.

“We are expecting to hear some hard hitting questions in areas that impact every Mississippian,” said Russ Latino, state director with Americans for Prosperity. “The goal of this is to ensure that citizens get to hear more than the five-minute stump speech. They get to hear how their potential representative thinks about the issues that, at the end of the day, are the reasons why you send them to Congress. It is very easy to stand before an audience and talk about how conservative you are, or to talk about your particular political ideology, it is something very different to have to answer those questions about what it means from a policy perspective.”

Sally Doty is a 7th generation Mississippian from Brookhaven, a lawyer, a mom, and a State Senator.

Morgan Dunn is a small business owner and rural health advocate who was born and raised in Magee and later graduated from the University of Mississippi.

Michael Guest is the current District Attorney for Madison and Rankin Counties. Guest is Rankin County resident and a graduate of Brandon High School. He received a degree in accounting from Mississippi State University and his law degree from The University of Mississippi.

Whit Hughes served as deputy director of the Mississippi Development Authority and currently operates his own consulting firm. Hughes was raised in Jackson and went on to receive an undergraduate degree from Mississippi State University, as well as, a Master of Business Administration degree while playing two years of baseball and five years of basketball.

Perry Parker is from Seminary and received his MBA in finance from the University of Chicago, B.S. in Finance, cum laude, from the University of Southern Mississippi, and A.B.A. from Pearl River Junior College. Perry now manages a cattle farm in Seminary. Along with a group of Hattiesburg area businessmen, Perry helped start TheFirst, a national banking association, and currently serves as Director Emeritus.

Katherine Tate is from Jackson and has served for over 25 years, as a teacher, administrator, and industry representative.

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