GOP Chair Lucien Smith talks flag, Republican National Convention

Today, GOP Chairman Lucien Smith appeared on The JT Show to discuss the recent passage of a bill that will remove and alter the Mississippi state flag, plus he provides listeners with an update on the 2020 Republican National Convention.

GOP chair Smith announces party’s new convention dates

Lucien Smith, chairman of the Mississippi GOP, announced the party’s rerouted convention plans for 2020 during a recent appearance on  The JT Show. “We are on track now for a state convention,” he said. “We are now going to have county conventions on July 11, and we’re going to have state convention on August 1.” Smith … Continue reading “GOP chair Smith announces party’s new convention dates”

Cassie Smedile talking POTUS and Politics on @TheJTShow

Cassie Smedile(National Press Secretary for the RNC/GOP – @CMSmedile on Twitter) joined the conversation to discuss President Trump’s visit to Southaven for a #MAGA rally to support Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith and to touch on the Kavanaugh Confirmation circus. If you missed her conversation with JT, you can find it here –

Lucien Smith Bringing the Scuttlebutt

The Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party Lucien Smith stopped by the JT Show to talk about the upcoming races for both of Mississippi’s Senate seats and the shake-up that is coming in several state-wide elected positions. If you missed the conversation, you can find it here – You can always listen online at … Continue reading “Lucien Smith Bringing the Scuttlebutt”

Democrats Can’t Seem to Win Anything Right Now

With another loss for the Democrat, this time in Georgia, it is looking more and more like the American people are tired of being talked down to by the Left. Since Donald Trump won the Presidency, Democrats have lost every single special election, and instead of focusing on why their candidates might be losing, they … Continue reading “Democrats Can’t Seem to Win Anything Right Now”