Students walked out of class to settle a bet

During class at Canton Academy, a bet was wagered between teacher and student: a softball pitcher can’t strike out a boy. With the teacher’s permission, the students left class and headed to the mound. That’s where Kendall Calloway put her softball arm to the test. Kendall Calloway is a senior softball player at Canton Academy … Continue reading “Students walked out of class to settle a bet”

Ted Jackson releases ‘You Ought to Do a Story About Me’

Mississippi native and Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist Ted Jackson has released his new book, You Ought to Do a Story About Me: Addiction, an Unlikely Friendship, and the Endless Quest for Redemption. In 1990, Jackson was working for the New Orleans Times-Picayune, and he ran across a homeless man sleeping under a bridge in the downtown … Continue reading “Ted Jackson releases ‘You Ought to Do a Story About Me’”

American Idol to host Mississippi auditions this Wednesday

Mississippians will have a chance to audition for the nineteenth season of the hit show, American Idol, this upcoming Wednesday, August 26. Just like the tail end of season 18, all auditions will be hosted virtually due to concerns from the coronavirus, but according to one of the show’s producers, the virtual auditions make the process … Continue reading “American Idol to host Mississippi auditions this Wednesday”

Clarksdale voted as one of the nation’s most historic small towns

For the second year in a row, Clarksdale has been named one of the nation’s most historic small towns by USA Today. In this year’s rankings, Clarksdale landed at #7 on the list due to its rich blues culture that epitomizes the state known as “The Birthplace of America’s Music.” From the first museum in … Continue reading “Clarksdale voted as one of the nation’s most historic small towns”

‘Mosquito Flag’ artist discusses his viral creation

As Mississippi continues its search for a new state flag, one design, in particular, has gone viral—the “Mosquito Flag.” The Mosquito Flag was originally created by Thomas Rosete as a way to poke fun at one of his co-workers who was against changing the former Mississippi state flag, however, the flag which dons the insect … Continue reading “‘Mosquito Flag’ artist discusses his viral creation”

Learn how to prevent acne while wearing a mask

In today’s world, a mask is more than required, however, the constant sporting of one brings along with it one, little issue—excess acne. Nobody wants extra acne, but more importantly, nobody wants to spread the coronavirus to others, so UMMC’s Chair of the Department of Dermatology Dr. Robert Brodell has come up with a solution … Continue reading “Learn how to prevent acne while wearing a mask”

MORA’s Zollicoffer talks Nat’l Organ Donor Awareness Month

Did you know that August is National Organ Donor Awareness Month? It is indeed, and unfortunately, there is an ever-growing transplant list. If you would like to learn how to be an organ donor, check out this interview with Mississippi Organ Recovery Agency’s Charlita Zollicoffer. You can also go to to find out more.

USM library completes over $12M in renovations

The Joseph Anderson Cook Library at the University of Southern Miss has seen a HUGE facelift. To be a little more specific, the university recently announced that they have completed over $12.1 million in renovations for a library that welcomes around 15,000 students. To hear all about the renovations, check out the interview with USM … Continue reading “USM library completes over $12M in renovations”

Neil Woodall: a story of redemption

With the crazy, crazy world we are currently living in, it’s very important to take a few moments for the good things in life, and we have a good story right here for you! The story of Neil Woodall, Jr. is one of finding redemption and peace. After Woodall was shot by his father in … Continue reading “Neil Woodall: a story of redemption”

Mayor Berry discusses the D’Lo Waterpark and being a star in ‘Small Town, Big Mayor’

(Photo Courtesy of UPtv’s Small Town, Big Mayor) D’Lo Mayor John Henry Berry, who you may know better from the TV show Small Town, Big Mayor, has had to cancel some filming with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) due to COVID-19. In the time being, Berry has been making sure D’Lo’s locally famous waterpark, which … Continue reading “Mayor Berry discusses the D’Lo Waterpark and being a star in ‘Small Town, Big Mayor’”

Elee Reeves launches ‘Christmas at the Mansion’ competition

Have you been celebrating Christmas in July? The First Lady of Mississippi has. “Christmas at the Mansion” is a competition Elee Reeves recently launched as a way to give Mississippians a chance to showcase their talents through the decorating of the Governor’s Mansion. “This is your Governor’s Mansion, and we thought this would be a … Continue reading “Elee Reeves launches ‘Christmas at the Mansion’ competition”

Mississippi entrepreneur works to innovate face mask for teachers

Ryan Kelly was inspired to innovate the traditional face mask after talking with his wife, a teacher. Looking to create a more comfortable product, see-through, and still safe was his main objective. Learn more about the design and how to order by watching Ryan’s interview on Good Things with Rebecca Turner.