Jen Yoga Brings Mobility Back to Mississippians

Jennifer Day Turner credits yoga for bringing health and happiness back into her life.  As a certified yoga instructor, Jennifer understands you have to stay mobile to stay healthy throughout your lifespan. She opened Jen Yoga Studio in Crystal Springs, Mississippi, to help locals regain range of motion, a sense of calm, and a community … Continue reading “Jen Yoga Brings Mobility Back to Mississippians”

What would you take to the moon?

Steps are being taken to land the first woman and the next man on the Moon in 2024, and NASA wants to know: what would you pack for a trip to the Moon? NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center intern, Trevor Brownlow, took part in the social medial challenge and joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to … Continue reading “What would you take to the moon?”

Do you remember the fake telegram from President Ford during the State/Alabama game (75′)?

We are calling all Mississippi State fans circa 1974/1975! Do you remember the “Mary Tyler Moore” hoax (74′) and the fake telegram from President Ford during the State/Alabama game (75′)? Rebecca Turner, the host of Good Things, caught up with the culprit behind the notorious mayhem, Bob Raymond and Howell Purvis, the Secret Service agent … Continue reading “Do you remember the fake telegram from President Ford during the State/Alabama game (75′)?”

Mississippi’s Real Men Wear Pink Team Rank in the Top 10

Real Men Wear Pink = Men Fighting Breast Cancer. Breast cancer affects everyone, women, and men. That’s why we’re recruiting men to fight breast cancer through Real Men Wear Pink. This distinguished group of community leaders is determined to raise awareness and money to support the American Cancer Society’s mission and save more lives than … Continue reading “Mississippi’s Real Men Wear Pink Team Rank in the Top 10”

Schools Against Vaping

Another national scourge, the Vaping Epidemic, threatens the health of our students. The CDC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), state and local health departments, and other clinical and public health partners have investigated the national outbreak of e-cigarette, or vaping, product use-associated lung injury. E-cigarette, or vaping, products, containing nicotine or THC, should never … Continue reading “Schools Against Vaping”

The Boss Lady Workforce Transportation Project

Pam Chatman is the founder of the Boss Lady Workforce Transportation project in the Mississippi Delta. The Boss Lady PChatman Workforce Transportation project has created a Direct Economic Impact to the Delta over 30-Million Dollars since conception (November 2018) and over 500 employees that are not including FedEx Ground and Not including new hires for Transportation … Continue reading “The Boss Lady Workforce Transportation Project”

Students walked out of class to settle a bet

During class at Canton Academy, a bet was wagered between teacher and student: a softball pitcher can’t strike out a boy. With the teacher’s permission, the students left class and headed to the mound. That’s where Kendall Calloway put her softball arm to the test. Kendall Calloway is a senior softball player at Canton Academy … Continue reading “Students walked out of class to settle a bet”

Helping Mississippi’s long term care residents stay connected and hopeful during the pandemic.

MDB Behavioral Health Services has generated a giving hope supply drive. Their mission is to help residents in long term care facilities across Mississippi stay connected and hopeful while restricted from visitors during the Covid-19 pandemic. Listen and learn how to help!  

Finding calm with the Chronicles of Pondlandia

Pondlandia is a ‘made-up’ name for a small pond where Janne Patterson Swearengen walks daily. To bring the outside to those safely sheltered inside, Janne started chronicling her walks on video. Today, long-term care facilities and everyday Mississippians are enjoying the quiet and calm, and meeting the residents of Pondlandia: domestic white ducks named Huey … Continue reading “Finding calm with the Chronicles of Pondlandia”

Fashion expert shares how to dress while working from home.

Krystal A. Watson is the founder of Orderly Fashion and knows that you feel good when you look good. Working home isn’t an excuse to stay in drab clothes all day. Your mental health and to-do list will thrive when you make an effort to comb your hair, and put on your favorite lip gloss, … Continue reading “Fashion expert shares how to dress while working from home.”