State Senator questions Jay Hughes’ campaign ethics

State Senator Angela Hill joined The Gallo Radio Show on SuperTalk Mississippi. She talked about Jay Hughes calling for the resignation of Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann while he runs for Lieutenant Governor – something Hughes is also campaigning for. Hill then shared how Hughes is campaigning, using his state letterhead which could be an … Continue reading “State Senator questions Jay Hughes’ campaign ethics”

#AfterTheShow: Hosemann breaks news about his run for Lieutenant Governor on @PaulGalloShow

Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann announced he was running for Lieutenant Governor Wednesday morning on The Gallo Radio Show. When asked why people should vote for him, here’s what he had to say: Watch the entire announcement here from our Facebook page: Or listen On Demand

Breaking Election News on The Gallo Radio Show

Friday morning on The Gallo Radio Show was a big one as Lt. Governor Tate Reeves announced he will run for Governor this year. Reeves also responded to the issue with Senate President Pro Tem and the third DUI arrest. Also today – Dick Hall drops a bombshell that he will not be running for another … Continue reading “Breaking Election News on The Gallo Radio Show”

Facebook “bug” affects 6.8 million users

Photos and videos are a big part of the experience on Facebook. And the tech giant said earlier today that a “bug” in September may have exposed people’s photos to third-party apps. Apps they hadn’t given permission to. The time period in question was from September 13 to September 25 of this year. “When someone … Continue reading “Facebook “bug” affects 6.8 million users”

Your apps are tracking your every move, and you may not even know it

There’s a line in “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” that says: “he sees when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake”. Turns out – Santa’s not the only one tracking your every move. The apps on your phone are keeping tabs on you, even while you sleep. And that information is available to … Continue reading “Your apps are tracking your every move, and you may not even know it”

What would “Medical Marijuana” mean in Mississippi?

Conner Reeves and Jamie Grantham from Medical Marijuana 2020 stopped by The Gallo Radio Show to talk about the proposed ballot initiative for Mississippi. Similar bills have died in front of the Mississippi Legislature, and this group decided to “go around” lawmakers, taking the question right to the voters of Mississippi. Read more about the … Continue reading “What would “Medical Marijuana” mean in Mississippi?”

Gerard Gibert on the #GalloShow

Our first visit with a member of the new Lottery Board. Gerard Gibert joined the GalloShow this morning to talk about when the first lottery games can be played in Mississippi and what the initial games will look like.

Gipson: Marijuana becoming an “invasive species” in Mississippi

Agriculture Commissioner Andy Gibson called into The Gallo Show Thursday to respond to a topic discussed on air about Canada’s legalization of pot. Commissioner Gibson breaks some news about hemp seeds detected in Mississippi seed supply.

State Auditor reveals huge embezzlement conspiracy

State Auditor Shad White joined The Gallo Radio Show on SuperTalk Mississippi to talk about a huge embezzlement conspiracy that will be announced later Monday. White said multiple people were in on the scam that used government procurement cards to buy gift cards and other items that were then given to family and friends. The … Continue reading “State Auditor reveals huge embezzlement conspiracy”

Fans of @PaulGalloShow have new Facebook Group

We have a new feature available to fans of The Gallo Radio Show. It’s a Facebook group, just for you. A place for you to share your opinions and engage with Paul and Perez. Ask questions and suggest guests. To join, go to this link.   The Gallo Radio Show Group Facebook Group · 4 members … Continue reading “Fans of @PaulGalloShow have new Facebook Group”