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College Football in Mississippi: State Gets Ready for Game Day, Ole Miss Travels to Texas

PHOTO: Courtesy Matt Wyatt

STARKVILLE, Miss.–If you have your Sports Illustrated in hand, it just about says it all about Mississippi’s college football scene for this week and last. Coming off of a big win weekend, both State and Ole Miss are again set to play some strong opponents.

For Ole Miss (5-0) it’s a road game to play the Texas A&M Aggies (5-1), whose only loss came last week to MSU. They’ll play a late game, 8 p.m. kick-off in College Station.

For State (5-0), it’s a home game, hosting the Auburn Tigers (5-0), also undefeated. It’s a 2:30 kick-off on CBS, but ESPN’s College Game Day is already setting up for its broadcast from the Starkville campus.

“You talk about taking up some space, good gracious,” said broadcaster Matt Wyatt. “It takes a little real estate for those guys to be accommodated. Stages and tracks and about two blocks on campus just south of the stadium is unbelieveable.”

“The one thing I want to have is depth in the front seven,” said Russ Mitchell, with College Sports News. “Both Mississippi schools have that.”

Mitchell said he’s picking State to win.

“With the best pass efficient offense in the conference and the best quarterback in the conference, Mississippi State will win this game.”

Dixon Williams has a preview for all of Mississippi’s college football weekend.

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