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The College Football Playoff Rankings: How Ole Miss Could Move Back Up

STARKVILLE, Miss.–Reaction to Tuesday’s college football playoff rankings has, as usual, been met with rancor by fans of teams who moved down or completely out of the Top 25. That happened to Ole Miss, but it’s possible the Rebs could get back into the Top Four, along with rival Mississippi State. The Bulldogs moved down three notches from No. 1.

“The committee can do whatever the heck they want to each week, based on whatever each week,” said commentator Matt Wyatt Wednesday on Head to Head. “As the season rolls on and teams beat up on each other and there’s less clarity on whose resume’ is better or worse, they are using the old ‘eye ball test’ to some degree.”

Wyatt said he believed the rankings would have been different if the committee were using a consistent formula.

“The highest-ranked two-loss team is Ole Miss at 8-2,” said Richard Cross. “And they’ve got a chance over the next couple of weeks to get closer to that Top Four. Whether or not they can crack it, at this point, depends on a whole lot of stuff happening around them.”

Cross said one way would be for Auburn to beat Alabama and win the SEC championship game.

Both commentators went back and forth on several scenarios, but ultimately the rankings depend on the opinions of the playoff committee and the performance of the teams, which is only partially predictable.

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