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Crime Change with Climate Change

JACKSON, Miss. – As the climate gets cooler this time of the year, habits begin to change. People tend to stay inside more, vacation for the holidays, and do more shopping. News Mississippi asked law enforcement officers across the state if they think crime changes with the climate change. Officers gave answers based on their personal experiences, and most of them proved to be quite similar.

Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong believes there is a decrease in crime during the colder months; however he says there tends to be a spike in crime during the Holidays. “It’s mainly around property crimes, not necessarily violent crime. We have some domestic stuff going on, but normally going to be among a husband and wife, boyfriends, girlfriends,” said Armstrong.

In Tupelo Captain Charles McDougald says he doesn’t necessarily believe that crime decreases, but crime changes. “The nature of it seems to change, we move from many alcohol related incidences to more property crime time stuff has we move into the holidays,” said McDougal. “My time on patrol here on Tupelo it seems more violent, as far as aggravated assault type crimes. They do seem to be more prevalent in your summer months.”

Starkville Chief Frank Nicholas says in his area property crimes, like burglaries, are more prevalent during the summertime because so many houses are left empty by college students. “What we do find is incidents of domestic violence go up when there are holidays,” said Nicholas. “People are doing a lot of celebrating and causing a disturbance.” Overall Nicholas believes there is a decrease in crime during the wintertime because of less people being out and about.

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