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Covington County Tornado Caught on Camera, Unusual for August AUDIO

PHOTO: From Bob Maddox at Covington County Hospital, via Facebook

COLLINS, Miss.–A rare August tornado, or perhaps even three, according to storm spotters and Covington County Undersheriff Terry Holbrook, happened Monday about 4 p.m. in and near Collins. The National Weather Service said to have tornadoes associated with summer storms is pretty unusual.

“We don’t typically have severe thunderstorms with tornadoes in August unless we’re having a landfalling hurricane or tropical system,” said Greg Garrett, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

“In the absence of that, it is quite rare to have such a thing occur.”

Garrett said that while it is possible for it to happen again, it’s not very likely.

“While it is possible, all the conditions have to come into phase just right for that to happen.”

Garrett said National Weather Service survey teams would be conducting surveys of the damage in Covington County to determine how strong the storms were.

Holbrook was on the phone to FOX News when one of the tornadoes touched down. He was also in communication with storm spotters who were watching the tornadoes.

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