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Daily Digital Feb. 2: Frat Murder, Parents Locked Up, and Colder Weather Approaching

For the Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter and it’s February 2nd.

A fight between frats turns into a shooting, leaving former Jackson State football player Travis Woods dead. A party with two different fraternities was at a local events center in Claiborne county. The fight started not long after the party ended at store down the road…. that’s where Woods was shot. He was pronounced dead at the hospital in Claiborne County. Police are still looking for whoever pulled the trigger.

And abuse charges could be upgraded to murder for the parents of a toddler found burned by DHS last week. Officials says Elijah McGee, just short of two years old, died Sunday after being severely neglected and burned by his parents. 21 year old Dymond Clement and her boyfriend 26 year old Quenten Johnson are locked up now. Clement has another child that is in DHS custody. Clement and Johnson were denied bond Friday.

Cold temps are back.. the weekend rain brought the temperatures down, and temps are in the 30’s and 40’s for North and Central Mississippi, barely touching 50 for South Mississippi. The rain is cleared up for now but could be back around Wednesday, which could bring snow flurries for North Mississippi Wednesday night.

And it was a Super Bowl Success for some super Mississippi athletes. The state’s roster for the Super Bowl at

For the Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter

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