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Daily Digital: Freezing Rain Falling, Gas Prices Rising, Hometown Hero Given Key to the City

Daily Digital February 23rd

Winter weather isn’t over yet for Mississippi…
Temperatures are going to get colder as we move through the day, and there’s some freezing rain and winter weather advisories out. Bolivar and Coahoma counties were reporting freezing rain earlier this morning. It’s all starting in North Mississippi and moving down into central Mississippi throughout the day. David Cox with the National Weather Service says it could make hazardous travel well into the evening. Cox also says anything that falls isn’t going to go away because temps are falling steadily throughout the day. Now News Mississippi will keep you updated as the weather changes on Twitter at @News_MS.
Now something that isn’t falling…. those prices at the pump. Now even though gas prices are still more than $1 a gallon cheaper than they were at this point last year, they have risen quickly from where they were a few weeks ago. The average cost of gas in Mississippi today is 2.12 a gallon. The cheapest is in Hattiesburg for $1.93, and Hernando at 1.89 a gallon. Strikes and an explosion at a California refinery are to blame for the rising prices.
Remember that amazing interception that won Super Bowl 49 for the Patriots? Malcolm Butler, Vicksburg native, made that amazing play in the last 20 seconds of the game. After the game, he gave kudos to Vicksburg. Well this weekend, Vicksburg gave the kudos right back. A parade in Butler’s honor dominated the streets of downtown Vicksburg, and he was given a key to the city. However, Butler almost didn’t get the chance to even make the team, much less win the game. Butler tells his whole story at
For the daily digital, I’m Courtney Carter.

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