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Daily Digital: New Job for Old Governor, Dying Trying to Call 911, Winter Weather Round 3

Daily Digital, March 2nd

For the Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter and today is March 2nd.
Butler Snow, based in Ridgeland, found a new job for an old governor. Former MS Governor Haley Barbour is set to be the chairman of VisionFirst Advisors, a subsidiary of Butler Snow. VisionFirst will provide insight into financial opportunities and analysis for customers both local and international.
Dying trying to call 911. Police think that’s the story of a 94 year old Meridian woman. A 911 call came from the house but was hung up. The coroner says the woman was shot twice in an apparent robbery at her home. The woman’s family says she had been living in that house for 60 years. Police says the robbers may have found their way in through the garage and that the door was wide open when the cops showed up. If you have any information, call Meridian police or Crimestoppers.
And winter weather round three headed for Mississippi. Despite temps being in the 60’s and 70’s Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon a cold front is moving in that’s going to cause the temps to plummet. We’re talking ice, freezing rain, and maybe snow yet again for North Mississippi. The highs Thursday… North Mississippi Low 30’s, Mid 30’s for Central and Low 40’s for South Mississippi.
Where a standoff with police ended with a man down at
For the Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter.


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