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Deer Meat for Prisoners; Why A State Lawmaker Pushes It

JACKSON, Miss– Adding deer meat to the prison menu could be a money saver, says District 28 Representative Tommy Taylor. 

“I worked in the prison system,” says Taylor, “and I think this would be a good way to feed the prisoners.”

Taylor proposes that the meat be harvested by hunters as usual. Then hunters have the option of having the meat processed then donated to the prison.

“It could be processed at the correctional facility,” says Taylor. He wants to see prisons with their own processing facilities, with inmates working them.

“But if they don’t want to build a facility it is up to them,” says Taylor, “it could save the state money, save the county money, and provide protein for the prisoners.”

But Taylor says the proposal is at a standstill. Taylor says the Department of Health told him the meat served to inmates has to be inspected by the Department of Agriculture. The USDA then tells Taylor they don’t inspect venison.

“The Department of Health says it has to be inspected,” says Taylor, “but at this time we don’t have anyone to inspect it.”

Taylor says he does intend to continue pushing for the bill:



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