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Drones to Boost Rural Internet Access

Conor Ferguson grew up in Batesville, Mississippi always curious about tech. Following in his dad’s footsteps, Conor learned to build computers at the age of 6, and followed his dad’s company into the community, testing wireless internet connections.

It wasn’t until he was an engineering student at Mississippi State that Conor created drones that could help reduce the cost and time it takes to place antennas for wireless connections.

MSU’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Outreach in the College of Business, offered Conor the resources needed and a network of business experts who have coached him and his team through the start-up process.

Today, Conor Ferguson is leading a team at WISPr Systems that are building drones and other advanced automation tools for wireless internet service providers that simplifies the process of antenna placement. This work could mean big improvements for internet access in rural areas in Mississippi, the U. S. and the world!

Here his story here…

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