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Former Hattiesburg Pastor Supports Marijuana

Hattiesburg–He’s a former preacher but now Al Pollard preaches a different message.

“If you believe in God, you have to believe in cannabis,” that’s what former Hattiesburg Pastor Al Pollard told WDAM, “it’s God’s medicine.”

Al Pollard was 18 when he was injured in a car accident. It left him wheelchair bound. Pollard says he was on several medications and narcotic pain medicines, but once he could he swapped the pills for pot.

“Maintaining a moderate use has proven to be the cause of my healthy condition,” says Pollard.

Pollard has a prescription for medical marijuana in California. He says that he has never had side effects while using the drug and has even preached using it. Pollard says the medical benefits are why he wants to start a campaign for legalization.

“This natural herb treats every symptom known to man, and I believe it is God’s natural medicine to man if we embrace and receive it with thanksgiving,” says Pollard. He also says he’s tired of seeing people locked up over a natural herb. 

Pollard plans to launch a campaign soon to state legislatures.

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