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Good and Bad Grades Fall Along Party Lines on BIPEC Report Card

JACKSON, Miss. – Every year the Business and Industry Political Education Committee (BIPEC) puts out a “business and jobs” report card, grading Mississippi lawmakers. It is just like a report card you would get at school except instead of calculating how well you did in reading, writing, and arithmetic, the grades are based on how lawmakers voted on particular bills chosen by BIPEC.

“We will chose the ones that we think represent the broad pro-business issues that I discussed, meaning advancing free market, enterprise, entrepreneurship, capitalism, job growth, and so on,” said BIPEC President Van White.

You can listen to the full press conference that BIPEC held at the State Capitol Tuesday here:

On the report card, grades appear to fall along party lines (for a second I thought “D” meant Democrat). Not a single Republican received a “D” on the list, while nearly all Democrats received a “B” or below, including Representative Bobby Moak who scored an F on the report card. He said it was for a good reason.

“You can just flip it around. Look if you got a low grade, you are voting for the consumer and the everyday guy. If you got a high grade, you are basically voting to protect those large corporations and those groups,” said Bobby Moak.

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