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Good Weekend Ahead: Even Though Rain Is Moving Through The State

It’s going to be a fun weekend even if we get a little rain.

Starting in North Mississippi, a 30 percent chance of showers, mainly in the late afternoon. We can expect a cloudy high of 67 today. Remaining cloudy with a  30 percent chance of continued showers overnight with low of 48. Chance of rain continues into Saturday, but should run-it’s-course by mid-morning with an eventual high of 59. Sunday should be sunny.
Central Mississippi, showers and thunderstorms are likely, especially in the morning hours.  That’s an 80 percent chance of precipitation and a high of 72. Tonight, we’ll
see more-of-the-same with a 70 percent chance of more rain and a cloudy low of 53.
Tomorrow for Hal’s Saint Patrick’s parade, a 40 percent chance of showers that may wrap by 2 o’clock. Expect a high  of 62.
South Mississippi, there’s an 80 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms today, mainly in the morning. We’re looking at  a high of 73. Those same showers and thunderstorms are likely to continue overnight with a low of 64 degrees. A somewhat wet
Saturday is on-tap with a  70 percent of showers and thunderstorms in the first part-of-the-day, then a mostly cloudy high of 69 degrees.

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