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Governor signs several bills into law

The governor has signed several of the bills that have come across his desk.

With his signature, those bills become law.

Here’s just  a few of the bills he has signed:

HB 336 Mississippi Military Family Relief Fund– this fund will now be able to assist families that have been financially impacted because of a loved one’s deployment.

HB 967 Fantasy Contest Act; revises the terms relating to fantasy sports betting and clarifies the terms of cash prizes, entry fees, and how the state benefits from sales and participation.

HB 1032 Prescription Monitoring Program; all healthcare providers will be required by law to enroll in a prescription monitoring program that tracks prescriptions, when they were written, and to whom they were prescribed.

HB 1321 Beer and light wine; allow election regarding the sale of it in small towns with a population 1,500 or more.


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