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Hattiesburg Mayor DuPree: “I Have Not Recorded a Call on Behalf of Sen. Cochran”

HATTIESBURG, Miss.–You may have gotten a robo call that apparently either sounds like Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree or that uses his name. That call encourages you to vote for Sen. Thad Cochran in Today’s primary election. DuPree took to Twitter and Facebook Monday night, saying he did not and would not record such a call.

DuPree, a Democrat, said on Twitter, “I have received several phone calls asking if I recorded a robocall in support of Senator Thad Cochran. No.”

The Tweet links to this Facebook post:

I have received several phone calls asking if I recorded a robocall in support of Senator Thad Cochran. No. I have not recorded a robocall on behalf of Senator Cochran or any Republican candidate. I am proud to be a member and supporter of the Democratic Party. Tactics like this are not only unfortunate, they are tools used to divide the citizens of Mississippi and hinder fairness.

In the midst of this controversy let us not forget what’s important, which is to go vote in tomorrow’s Primary elections. I want to remind all voters to take an accepted form of identification with you to the polls. The new Voter ID law goes into effect tomorrow, so please be prepared. Thank you. – Johnny L. DuPree

Democrats across the state, including Senate candidates Bill Marcy and Travis Childers, Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley and party leader Ricky Cole, have been openly critical of the mudslinging in the Republican campaign between state Sen. Chris McDaniel and Sen. Thad Cochran, so much so that Cole and Marcy have said they think many Republicans will actually vote in the Democrat primary.

“If or would resort to impersonating a Mayor for votes, how desperate for power are they? Avoid the slime, voted D!” Tweeteed Presley.

“In the midst of the slime, has either R thought about the folks who get up at 4, go to work, play by the rules and can’t give $? Doubt it.” he said in his next Tweet.

Meanwhile, the war of words between Cochran and McDaniel supporters continued and even intensified on social media overnight.

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