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Home Insurance Makes Going Home Easier after Disasters

JACKSON, Miss. – Nearly 800 households damaged by recent tornadoes, that have registered for FEMA assistance, are uninsured. 

Anyone who owns their home should have a full homeowners policy, advises Debra Littleton owner and manager of FLM Insurance.  “I would suggest a HO3 or HO5.  And that policy fully covers you in case of a tornado or hurricane.” 

An extra bonus in the policy she said covers additional living expenses, “That’s a coverage in case the tornado comes and destroys your home and you have to rent another home or apartment until your home is livable again.  The policy would pay for you to live in that property until your home is ready for you to move back in.”

And Littleton suggest you consider flood insurance, even if you are not in a flood zone.  “A lot of people think flood damage is covered by the homeowner’s policy, and it’s not.  It’s an important policy to have if your property is flooded out due to rain or wind from tornadoes or hurricanes. It will pay for your home to be fixed completely by the National Flood Insurance Program.

 Littleton said there are policies available for renters as well that will restore your furniture and other contents that your landlord is not responsible for. 

For additional information, you can visit her website or call 601-910-6100 in the Jackson area or 601-683-0095 in the Newton area. 


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