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Hosemann’s office revamps property sale site

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A new webpage unveiled by the Secretary of State’s Office will showcase 10 of Mississippi’s top tax-forfeited properties. each valued at more than $50,000 and many containing structures and other improvements.

Each one of the top properties is valued at more than $50,000 with many containing structures and other improvements.

The current parcels featured on the “Top Properties for Sale” site include:

  • 1434 40 W. Highway 80, Jackson (Hinds County), Parcel #167-25, $415,220
  • 3650 Bay Street, Jackson (Hinds County), Parcel #421-334, $229,460
  • 600 Depot Street, Vicksburg (Warren County), Parcel #094W 22 217021008800, $213,770
  • 1760 Oak Ridge Road, Vicksburg (Warren County), Parcel #072 40 9999 000801, $109,070
  • 314 Madison Avenue, Clarksdale (Coahoma County), Parcel #394 23131000Q 0000301, $106,854
  • 200 Rubber Way Hwy 62 South, Vicksburg (Warren County), Parcel #124-20-1562-000301, $71,500
  • 117 Ott Drive, Morton (Scott County), 4065R0001700C00400, $68,160
  • 2432 25th Street, Meridian (Lauderdale County), 083072255500200900, $67,180
  • 415 Haas Street, Vicksburg (Warren County), 108-8-28-0260-004500, $64,650
  • 210 China Street, Belzoni (Humphreys County), H05R004017.00, $56,500

As parcels are sold, or the State comes into other valuable property, the featured properties will rotate.  The Secretary of State’s Office currently has 11,610 parcels in its inventory available for sale, worth an estimated $49.4 million, all of which have been forfeited for nonpayment of ad valorem taxes.

“We are open for business, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann said. “All an interested buyer has to do is navigate to our website and send us an application to purchase a property.”

In the past couple of years, the Secretary of State’s Office has added a number of features aimed at streamlining the process to purchase tax-forfeited property including placing information about all parcels online and creating online property auctions.  Since 2015, the Agency has turned back $4.1 million to cities, counties, and schools across the State and returned hundreds of parcels to the tax rolls.

Any member of the public may view details about available properties throughout the State, including parcel market values and legal descriptions, on the Secretary of State’s website at  For more information, call the Public Lands Division at (601) 359-5156.

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